Zombie Ring Tones and Phone Covers

We thought we’d give all you zombie fans a bloody good taste of some phone covers and ring tones with a look at the best of both on the net. Here you go :)



You can now get hold of the plants vs zombies ringtone at zedge.net available for direct mobile download or through your pc. This ring tone has been rated 5 stars out of 5 and is certainly worth the download for those fans who love the POP Cap game.

Check out this free Kernkraft 400 zombie nation ring tone at Pisamba. This one brings back memories of the classic tune released back in 1999.


These cool zombie iphone cases really makes our skin crawl, it’s a really luring and eye catching design, just don’t leave your phone next you after a crazy night out, you may get quite the scare waking up the next morning with this face staring right at you!


Stick your phone into the living dead by getting hold of this cool stitched zombie phone case by Cult of Crochet. It’s not as intense as the former hard phone cover designs and can serve as a nice snuggly friend to curl up next to as opposed to a frightening sight that could make you want to launch your phone out of your bedroom window!


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