Top Mobile Zombie Games

With plenty of zombie games hitting the portals these days we though we would do a piece on mobile apps instead, as there are a few early risers in the markets that are very playable and full of enjoyment. These four apps can be played on both android and ios devices. So here they are, let us know what you think!

Zombie Farm: This one towers above Plants vs. Zombies in every way

Zombie Farm

Some clever bugar went and used the fondness for plants and zombies created by PopCap, combined it with every casual gamer’s love of sim games and created a fantastic mobile game known as Zombie Farm – it’s a classic cross between the above mentioned and the sim’s. In Zombie Farm you set up your own customised farm and grow all sorts of different zombies to amass a small army.

This game is also social so you can play and interact with your friends in the game.

What we love most about this one is the ability to experiment when combining different plants and zombies together to grow one of a kind zombie species, it makes the game so much more exciting than just picking from the run of the mill preset species created by the game developers. This is certainly one game that doesn’t follow the usual agenda when it comes to creating zombie entertainment for all the family!

Zombie Farm @ iTunes | Zombie Farm @ Google Play.

iGun Zombie – It’s time for some real carnage…

iGun Zombie : FPS + Weaponary

As if this game isn’t just the most awesome first person zombie shooter available across all mobile phones. Sometimes we can get a little fed up with these in depth RPG zombie games such as Sonny 2 or Last Stand: Dead Zone and instead we want to just blow some zombies sky high. Well lock and load then prepare to blast your way through hordes of ugly zombies in iGun Zombie. If you have ever wanted to perform a real massacre on these walking undead creatures on your way to work well now’s your chance. Just pick your phone up and let this game suck you into an intense world where zombies never stop jumping at you and blood gushes against your screen.

The 3d graphics, realistic sound effects and immersive game play aren’t the only things going for this game, the upgradable, kick arse guns make iGun Zombie all that much more sweeter. Feel the instant satisfaction of finding a powerful gun that blasts the rotten hell out of these ugly fiends, the sorts of weapons that will drive your urge forwards on a continuous and endless bloody assault, until every last one of each round’s zombies is left in lumps of flesh mangled all over the scene. Start killing zombies now, download the game below…

iGun Zombie @ iTunes | iGun Zombie @ Google Play.

Zombie Runaway – Help those wretched humans are after me

Zombie Runaway

Run zombie, run zombie, run run run, cos here comes those humans with their guns, guns, guns.

Take control of the last zombie on earth and avoid the extinction of an entire species by evading those wretched humans who are out to wipe your sorry behind off the face of the earth.

It’s one of those fight or flight situations in Zombie Runaway and fortunately enough this zombie has half a brain and decides that flight is the better option. It’s your job to make sure that your zombie doesn’t get massacred by those hungry humans in a game that turns the idea of zombies vs humans on its head. So many games feature the wrath of the human against the armies of zombies but now your the minority – as in the last zombie on earth!

The controls are simple, so is the aim but the gameplay is rich, the graphics attractive and the lure of just one more run very addictive. Get your running shoes on and go save that poor little zombie from a brutal death now in Zombie Runaway.

Zombie Runaway @ iTunes | Zombie Runaway @ Google Play.

Zombie Booth – You’ve Never Looked So Disgusting!

iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2

Warning!…Only get this app if you don’t mind having your appearance uglified x 10. Certainly don’t show it to your children, otherwise I think next time they see you they may not look at you like your their nice mummy or daddy ever again!

Well enough rambling without telling you what this neat app exactly does, it converts your face into a life like scary zombie that’s a tad interactive. Your new found menacing look will make flesh hungry noises and if you put your finger too close to it, well I’ll let you find out…It’s a notch up on booth apps such as fat booth and all the other face distorting one’s. If you really wanted to make that vain annoying somebody in your life a little more gruesome this is definately the game for you and will prove a welcomed sobering lesson for them.

Zombie Booth @ iTunes | Zombie Booth @ Google Play.


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