Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Rezurrection Content Pack

Being a complete zombie freak this pack can do no wrong for me. I have savoured every Call Of Duty game from the very start and Rezurrection gives us a new map namely the moon as its central focus. The Moon has teleporters plus a pack a punch machine bringing a new element to this tried formula. It’s a game of strategy with challenging encounters while at the same time you’ve got hours of game play fun.

This pack has five zombie levels to play. With brilliant graphics along with great sound effects its awesome. The story begins in Area 51 the first map, where you find yourself surrounded by ghoulish zombies that climb out of the muddy landscape to attack you. You have to be really fast so its quite challenging as at five second intervals a klaxon sounds off making the zombies move faster and become stronger each time. Your only escape is to jump in the teleporter to remove you from the fray.

You can of course brave it out with your pistol and knife taking out as many zombies as possible giving you plenty of points to take with you when you teleport to safety. You do have other weapons available on the moon map such as the wave gun which is great as it makes the zombies ooze blood and explode when hit with it or the quantum entanglement device that is effectively a grenade so not so great really.

As you gain points you need to open new doors to progress or you may choke as you try to breathe, unless you don the mask available before the zombies overrun the area. There are plenty of tasks for you to work on such as getting gravity reinstated to the level along with oxygen which is a must if you are to survive. You can however play with low gravity it depends how difficult you want things to be.

There are loads of twists and turns as you play through the four remaining maps all of which are not dissimilar to Zombie World at War maps you may have played previously. These include Nacht der Untoten, Shi No Numa Swamps and Verruckt where your team is divided in two. To join your forces together you then have to battle the zombies along the level to reunite at the other end, its great! If you haven’t played the World at War pack this will of course be an entirely new experience which is fun but I don’t think having prior knowledge of the maps detracts at all from the experience.

Summing up Rezurrection I think it is a good addition to the Call of Duty series that for completely new players will be an awesome experience while for those of us who are familiar still very good. Zombies on the moon is a good diversion bringing a different element to a well tried and tested theme but is none the less one not to be missed.


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