Dead Frontier

Dead Frontier may be a free to play web browser game but that does not detract from the enjoyment factor or the fact that it is a fun game to play. If you re a zombie fan and fancy a cheap but cheerful way of passing a few hours then this is the game for you. The game is a top down, third person, arcade style zombie shooter extravaganza or a massively multi player on line role play game that is well worth acquiring.

The story behind Dead Frontier is the usual zombie scenario where a virus has destroyed civilisation so zombies have taken over, while your task is to play one of the surviving characters whose aim it is to destroy the creatures of the undead. You begin by selecting your character. There are a few to play, from a priest to a soldier, it’s up to you. All the characters have specific features that will influence whether you wish to select them or not along with bonus elements making it interesting. Features that are useful in Dead Frontier are an inventory, a health bar that shows how you are doing as well as upgrades that you can acquire as you play along.

You start by selecting your location within Fairview City then its a case of wandering here and there to find the zombies, but once you do the fun begins big style. Your aim then is to survive at all costs. You must eat or be eaten its a simple as that really. You have plenty of weaponry at your disposal to fight off the enemy such as chain saws, axes, rifles, guns plus grenades and dynamite, so watch out zombies here we come! Also when you kill an enemy you can pick up their weapons to add to your stash so that’s useful too.

Dead Frontier is of course an interactive game where you can contact other players on the forums, CB radio or online via private messaging. Its a very social game something I enjoyed immensely. There is a certain amount of trading goes on in the game via market place or with other players as an added feature. The game is moderated by people who kind of police the proceedings to ensure that fair play is in action. Break the rules and you may find yourself ejected from the game.

To enable you to play the game you have certain requirements regarding your equipment.
1. 1GB Ram or more
2. Internet Connection
3. Unity Web Player
4. Flash Player
5. Any Graphics Card (recommended not mandatory)

Graphically the game is well done being atmospheric with dark eerie surroundings along with well drawn zombie characters. The backing track is also quite good being suitable to the theme of the game. I don’t think you can go wrong with Dead Frontier. It is full of zombie killing mayhem plus the fact that it is totally free while has an interactive and sociable element it is one I would recommend.

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