Road of the Dead

I so enjoy action games while I love zombie games even more. What could be a better experience then than an all action zombie story where you play the central character who has to not only destroy the zombies but also has to battle the army who would rather he sticks to the quarantine rules instead of trying to escape the zombie infested town.

Road of the Dead is one such game where a mechanic who is the main man of the story chooses to ignore advice dished out on the local radio station to stay indoors. He wants to leave the city but the army along with a host of evil zombies have other ideas. Playing as the mechanic you jump in your car, speed off then encounter a multitude of obstacles in the form of destroyed cars, vans plus lorries galore all impeding your progress to freedom. The army too lay spiked traps to bring you to an untimely halt along with military helicopters that will pursue you with sometimes dire consequences.

Using the options menu you can customize your vehicle by selecting how to accelerate, brake, peep the horn, etc etc. You can also use upgrades to improve your car gained from points accumulated by destroying zombies as you mow them down. This can result in squashed zombies that are stuck to the bonnet of your car causing an obstruction. You may also be so engulfed in blood that you will need to find the strategically placed water buckets to put out the ensuing fires. Please don’t hit the civilian people though as you will be penalised.

One good feature is the fact that if you come a cropper and get blown up you can restart from the last checkpoint you reached in the game so all is not lost. Another useful function is that between turns you can access the mechanics garage to upgrade your vehicle along with improving your own skills such as gaining special visionary powers.

The road that your character drives along travels forward in a straight line but this doesn’t make things any easier as the place is littered with obstacles. A great feature is the access to CB radio in the car. Its really good as you can listen in on the army planning its strategy against you. As I played on I found by experiencing the game one or two useful things that I will now advise you of


  1. Toot your horn as much as you can as it will stop pedestrians from walking in front of you so increase your score by default
  2. Zombies eating are not worth many points whereas walking zombies are
  3. You can cause the helicopter to crash by way of the overhead signs

The graphics in Road of the Dead are quite good. There is plenty of blood and gore plus the backgrounds have a certain amount of atmosphere. The sound effects are good also. I found the screaming of the civilians when I ran them down particularly effective along with the sirens of the police vehicles and ambulances that are very life like. Road of the Dead can be played time and time again so for speed/action/zombie fans it is one not to be missed.


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