Space Pirates & Zombies

Space Pirates and Zombies is a real time strategy video game with a futuristic space based theme produced by Minimax Games. It is a superb example of this genre where the player is in control of fleets of space ships together, or one at time. Arcade type action combined with strategy makes for a very involved game that will keep you occupied for hours while having great fun.

The story begins way into the future where the earth is so polluted that the human race has had to colonize other planets. The galaxy is randomly created every time you begin to play which is different, while your team of zany space pirates hope to become rich by hopping around the galaxy looting or collecting what counts for money in that era of time namely material that is mined from asteroids.

Firstly you need to both design and build your fleet then the pirates travel by means of a mother ship around space fighting against and destroying their enemies. You have a good deal of choice when it comes to craft design with various types of shields, hull design or armour to select from while with thirty three different types of ship in loads of sizes the possibilities are many. Select lasers, cannons, rockets its very involved making it a fun game to play.

The player can also select weapons that you can use to destroy your adversaries. It’s really exciting firing the main weapons along with launching rockets or shuttle craft from the mother ship. You then go from mission to mission befriending some people while eliminating others. Making friends with the warp gate guards is useful to get you on your way although you can also fight and destroy them if you would rather just have a good fight.

SPAZ is definitely a game of skill that you will master, so become proficient at playing, rather than just diving straight in obliterating everything with no ability involved. Your enemies come into two categories easy or hard. I played the easy options for a while but as I became more experienced found it far more challenging and enjoyable to go for the more difficult option. Changing control from ship to ship is great as you can decide which one will serve you best against a particular enemy.

A great feature are the “specialists”. These are people you come across who are experts in their field. When they randomly appear you need to take advantage as they are extremely useful providing bonuses. They can also be placed into two’s such as putting a specialist with a woman while others work best alone.

Graphically the game is superb being in 2D with atmospheric landscapes plus colourful planet systems. The design choices for the space ships you create are really good with plenty of diversity along with pop up messages appearing here and there with humorous phrases that made me chuckle, while visual clues here and there are very useful. The soundtrack is very good with great music plus fantastic special effects and amusing voice overs that were at times laugh out loud material. I really enjoyed playing SPAZ it is funny, exciting plus challenging while being absorbing so giving the player hours of space travel fun.

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