The House of the Dead 2

The House of the Dead 2 is a great sequel to the original game. In the first episode of the series you had to clear a house full of zombies created by a mad doctor plus save the lives of countless people. This follow up sees you back again fighting the zombies as yet another mad doctor decides to carry on the evil work of his predecessor who was killed off in the last episode. This time around you will be battling your way around a city not just a house so the mission has really expanded.

In this crazy shoot em up adventure game Goldman the mad scientist has created some crazy zombies that are taking over the town so it is your job to stop them. It’s a real zombie filled adventure that will give you hours of game play fun with blood guts and gore to satisfy the most ardent fan. There are a number of modes to choose from including arcade, original, training, boss or ranking so something to satisfy everyone.

Two agents James and Gary have been sent to investigate. They meet up with two other support agents Amy and Harry while together they intend to battle through the streets to find Goldman and stop him. At the end of each stage there is a boss game each one being named after a tarot card. There are five chapters to traverse in differing parts of the city. How you play the game does influence the path you will take plus the outcome. For instance if you help a citizen who is trying to drive away from the zombies he will stop to thank you. If you don’t help him he crashes opening up an alternative pathway that you have to take.

Every pathway is unique with different features or tasks but ultimately they all lead you to the same place in the end. Of course you have to complete the aforementioned boss game to progress. The great thing about this game is the none stop zombie action as the story twists and turns its really compelling.

Visually The House of the Dead 2 is superb with fantastic graphics. All the backdrops and characters are very lifelike with vibrant colours plus realistic features. Basing the story in a Venice type city ensures wonderful artistic environments along with superior character drawing making this game first class when it comes to graphics. The zombies when injured look very gruesome indeed making some scenes quite scary.

I have to say disappointingly the voice overs are rather poor. I was a little let down with the graphics being excellent so expected better. Don’t get me wrong the soundtrack isn’t awful its just not as good as it should be. That said The House of the Dead 2 is a very good sequel to the first game while I hope number three will see the soundtrack improve somewhat as befits such a high calibre game. Bring it on!

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