The House of the Dead 3

Here we have the third instalment of this series in The House of the Dead that by no means suffers from mid series blues. It is quite the contrary as the game is full of exciting shot gun action as well as a mass of evil zombies for you to destroy as you play. Round after round of ammunition will be dispensed before you finally beat the zombie invasion but its immense fun working things out, practising, learning the maps so becoming expert at this third sequel.

The transition from arcade to PC has been done very smoothly so that the game for me loses none of its intensity. It does in fact have a few added extras not found in the arcade version such as time attack mode or more difficulty levels to play. Weaponry this time around is mainly the shot gun which has automatic reload facility but still takes time to master. Each level ends with a boss fight which is a familiar feature but still a great challenge, while the final boss fight of the game is the star.

The story is a continuation of what has gone before but the main character is Lisa Rogan daughter of the original agent in game one, Thomas Rogan. Lisa travels to the mansion, along with G, where the original action took place to try to locate her father meeting loads of zombies as they go. The story is partly told in flash back referring to how the mad scientist Curien began his research and created the zombies.

I won’t go too much into the story as it will spoil things for you but all the usual characters and tasks are here again. Each level has a choice of path with differing action within each one, while the ending has a choice of four making it very intriguing for the player as it does give you the feeling of control. As for civilians there are none in this edition. Previously you had to rescue people to move along this time it is your co worker that you need to protect by watching their back to save them from the zombie onslaught.

Bonus wise you do get extra lives awarded every time you rescue your partner. If you succeed in all your rescues you are then given a crate that contains bonuses plus extra lives. Another new feature is the ranking system which I think is very useful. You are graded depending how quickly and successfully you destroy the zombies. These gradings are listed as follows, excellent, good, faster or twin shot. You are then graded by letter S,A,B,C,D and E. Each grading gives you a different amount of lives or bonuses so its good to be able to see how you are doing.

The House of the Dead 3 is a really good game. Fans of quick action shot gun zombie mayhem will love it. It is colourful and noisy but in a good way bringing this series into its final couple of episodes admirably.

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