The House of the Dead 4

The House of the Dead 4 is the last in this fantastic series of shooter games but is by no means the least. It is filled with excitement, adventure plus everything you have come to expect from a good zombie game. Extremely fast paced, fans who have played the previous instalments will know just what to expect in terms of game play fun as well as the challenge it sets.

In terms of graphics this is no let down they are simply superb. From blood squelching zombies to eerie backdrops and locations with subdued lighting its just amazing. The soundtrack too is fabulous with great sound effects along with good voice overs plus blood curdling zombie screeches I just can’t fault it.

Shooting zombies naturally is the name of this game and there are plenty to choose from. The story carries on but is set strangely between episodes two and three with characters Kate and James trying to destroy the zombies to save the city. Use all your shooting skills to destroy them as you move from room to room, area to area. Finally at the end of each level there is the fantastic boss fight which once completed, you move to the next level. Six chapters in all will see you playing HOTD 4 for hours.

The zombies get up close and personal in this edition meaning sometimes you have to shake them off literally by shaking your controls or be destroyed yourself. They can come at you from all sides and some even hide in the water only to jump out to attack you as you pass by so you really need your wits about you. You do have other weapons at your disposal such as grenades plus you can acquire more of them by completing certain tasks.

A new feature to this episode is the hidden objects aspect. There is hidden treasure and treasure rooms, coins and gold all of which when found give the player added bonuses. Once you have completed the main game then you will be pleased to learn that you get a bonus game to play. House of the Dead 4 Special is a bit of a treat. In this short game Kate teams up with G which makes the story a little different as G does have a bit more personality than the stony faced James. You have to pass different tasks within alternative scenarios in this bonus game while I think as an added extra it was great.

The ranking system is back again keeping you up with how well, or not, as I found sometimes, you are fairing. The grading is all to do with how accurate your shots are as well as how many head shots you get. The type of death you give your zombie will be marked as Good, Excellent, Amazing or Perfect so do well and you will gain more points.

One downside is no multiplayer access online which is a great shame but that said The House of the Dead 4 has everything else plus more that you require from a zombie game so comes highly recommended. Check the fan site out for House of the Dead 4.

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