Trapped Dead

trapped dead

Don’t you just love a zombie fest? There is nothing better than a great video game where you spend your time eliminating the undead before they do the same to you, I just love it!Trapped Dead is one such game. Full of great zombie characters plus a good story packed with twists, turns and fun means us zombie fanatics just can’t put this one down. Now if you have read other reviews you may think that this is not so but I am not one to be swayed by general opinion, I make my mind up myself based on playing the game and I liked it!

The main character in Trapped Dead is Mike Reed a college student who finds that a small town in Kansas has been taken over by zombies. There are only a limited number of survivors so together they must use all their skills to get rid of these undead infiltrators. The action happens in real time although it is possible to pause the game to give different instructions to the characters. It’s simply a matter of team work that you control to see you destroy your enemy. You choose your mission from the selection provided then it’s game begin.

In parts I would say this game is easy but in others can be a challenge really. The zombies are not that difficult to kill off one by one, while jumping into an alternative room should you get trapped will see you safe. The zombies can’t follow you in fact once they can’t see you they go back to where they originated from. Generally speaking pick your spot to destroy them one at a time. The only way they seem to be able to detect you is if you start to lose blood. The zombies can then smell you and come together to try to kill you. If this happens then it can be hard to get rid of the bunch that converge on you.

There is a multi player feature where four players can control one character each so it can be good fun playing with friends. Each character comes with its own inventory with guns, grenades plus a host of ammunition and gadgets available. Each level when finished gives you a run down of how you did which I liked, although your score did seem a little irrelevant seeing there is no table showing your competitors scores.

I do admit controlling the game can be a little flaky at times with you finding yourself having to fire repeatedly to kill the enemy but that aside it was fine. There are plenty of different areas to play in keeping it interesting such as the hospital, different streets and lots of other locations. There is an excellent tutorial at the beginning of the game that sets the scene admirably while giving you often needed pointers. The graphics are atmospheric and well suited to the theme while the soundtrack is brilliant. I cannot see how zombie game fanatics will not love Trapped Dead.

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